OrangeSoda Review and A Few New Tools

I found this review about OrangeSoda today using a new tool to help you see how your local business is doing online. It’s called Get Listed. It’s quite small and targeted, basically showing your profiles are on the top 3 search engines, but it’s a start. It’s how I found this OrangeSoda review (last paragraphs) and the one below.

Here’s the review:

More calls, more business and larger orders.
I worked a few local groups to try and show up in the search engines then I got a call from OrangeSoda and decided to I needed expert help. The price was very reasonable (I don’t have a lot of money to spend but did have very high expectations for anything I was going to spend) and it’s only been a few months and I’ve had more business than ever and just hired a full time receptionist.

All my other marketing has stayed the same (I have a billboard locally and do some newspaper ads) so it has to be OrangeSoda. I’ve called in twice with questions and both times talked directly to an account person and had an answer quickly (both were needed clarifications on my part).

They’ve been great to work with and in just a few months have done more to grow my business than the 2 years previous trying to either do it myself or using the local internet expert. Last month was my best month ever and the average order size seems to be steadily going up.

I love online reviews like this that are specific, or that tell a story about an experience you had with the business.

Another new service that helps you monitor your online reputation is called MyStepRep. You can see what is being said about your business on the Internet (or any business) and choose the ones that are relevant and that you want to keep. Then you can add a widget of these results and put it on your blog or web site.

To encourage feedback on your site, consider adding a Get Satisfaction widget. It adds a tab where people can easily comment on your business, web site, or blog. They can leave suggestions too.

OrangeSoda has a tool to get your web site get into web directories efficiently. It’s called InLocal.

OrangeSoda does reputation management for a few enterprise companies. I’ve noticed most companies don’t notice or care what people have said about them online until a very bad review comes up really high in search results for their company name. When a bad review hurts business, it motivates action.

However you track your reputation online, it’s better to be proactive than reactive (and it’s cheaper).