OrangeSoda Recognized in Utah Business Magazine

Utah Business Magazine recognized OrangeSoda in the October 2008 issue. We were noted as part of the top 20 of Utah’s High Tech companies. The tech companies were all started by entrepreneurs – and you’ll see we’re in good company! I’m a big fan of Klymit and Sendside Networks and some of the other companies highlighted.

The issue also includes an article about search engine optimization. It lists Utah companies who provide SEO services for businesses, including OrangeSoda.

Note: You must register on the site to view the article at Ask me how I feel about their web site (not to mention the URLs)! You need us for some search engine optimization!

UPDATE: The articles are called: High Tech 20 and The Search Begins – Search Engine Optimization Captures Relevant Customers.

Utah has a very vibrant tech culture – we’re active and networked. Utah also has a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit and many businesses are started here. Plus, Utah’s economy is doing better than most of the nation.

EXAMPLE: At a recent TweetUp (an informal gathering of Utahns who are on Twitter) I learned that Utah has one of the most active Twitter users. Wells Fargo sponsored the event (great food – thanks!) and flew in two people to attend. We had over 20 people and most either blogged or twittered about Wells Fargo’s social media. Most did both. So if you want some exposure for your business or campaigns, Utah is a great place to generate some buzz.

I recently met with a CEO based in the Czech Republic who is looking to relocate either to Salt Lake City, Utah or Miami, Florida. Utah probaby has more tech talent but Miami was offering better incentives (at the time we spoke).

Thanks to Jay Bean and the other founders of OrangeSoda for starting an amazing company. This is the second successful online company they have started. I hope Utah politicians will favor legistlation that supports the Utah tech community so we can continue to expand and attract/retain talent.



I love that you called them out for needing your SEO services! They absolutely do with URLs like that. We were discussing internally how annoying the login is for each article. Great post and good job on the inclusion, but when I followed the link it took me to a general page. What is the name of the article?

Nick Sorensen

Hey! Thanks for the love in your article. We should be the ones speaking about being in good company–with firms like Orange Soda next to us on the list, Klymit’s credibility jumps up a notch or two. We were excited about that nomination. Seems like you have something very good going on so keep up the good work! And let us know if any of your founders/executives would like to test out some of our noble gas-insulated products. We’d be happy to set something up.

Janet Meiners Thaeler

JB – It is annoying to have to login and so tough to find what you need on the site. Not only the SEO but as you pointed out the site isn’t easy to use.

Thanks for pointing out my omission. The articles are called:
High Tech 20
The Search Begins – Search Engine Optimization Captures Relevant Customers

I’ll put this on the post.

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