OrangeSoda Named Top Company in Utah County


OrangeSoda Internet Marketing ExecsJay Bean, OrangeSoda’s CEO told us the good news a few days ago:

“We are very excited that OrangeSoda was named the top Startup in Utah County last night as part of the UV 50 awards.

Utah Valley Business magazine researches and names the top businesses in Utah each year. This is a great achievement being named the top startup company out of the hundreds of companies they looked at in 2007.”

The picture is the more formal one, but I don’t have a copy of the best picture, you’ll have to see on the site. So picture our founders sitting with up at the table with bottles in their hands. No, not beer bottles – bottles of orange soda.

In the article Jay admits to drinking Mountain Dew, talked about how we give away Orange Schwinn bicycles, and how revenue has grown an astounding 12,000 percent in a year and a half.

OrangeSoda started and continue to focus on internet marketing for small businesses.

I wish I could grab the great photo they took but the picture on the site is chopped up into slices. I think we better call Utah Valley magazine and pitch them our services. 😉