OrangeSoda Launches PageInk to Help Businesses Get More out of Facebook

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Today we’re happy to announce the release of a new Facebook Page creation tool: PageInk, which runs for $49.99 a month. PageInk enables small to medium-sized business owners to enhance their Facebook presence with eye-catching designs for pages in the form of promotions, coupons, contests, polls, and more. With the help of PageInk, businesses can gain new customers, encourage return business, build their brand, and get people talking about their business.

“If you don’t have a stellar Facebook Page you don’t have any business advertising on Facebook,” said Todd Crofts, VP of Product and Marketing for OrangeSoda. “We’ve found that Facebook ads pointing to Facebook Pages can perform four times better than ads pointing to regular websites. PageInk closes an advertising gap for business owners.”

Hand in hand with PageInk, OrangeSoda also offers setup packages to help businesses get their Facebook presence started on the right foot. “A lot of our clients are a bit overwhelmed by the logistics of Facebook. They’re not sure where to start, or they just don’t have the time to give their Facebook the attention it needs,” said Jake Berry, PageInk Product Manager. “Many of our clients will take advantage of our setup packages, so they don’t have to mess with the design if they don’t want to.”

We offer a couple different setup packages, depending on a business’s level of need. For a one-time setup fee of $299, OrangeSoda offers Social Setup Basic. This setup package includes the creation of a Facebook cover photo, a page app thumbnail photo, one page app, and a Twitter icon and theme, all using proven templates that utilize the business’s brand colors. For businesses with a little more social marketing budget, OrangeSoda offers Social Setup Pro for a one-time setup fee of $699. This completely customized package includes two Facebook cover photos, two app thumbnail photos, two page app designs, and a Twitter theme, icon, and custom background. For Social Setup Pro, OrangeSoda will even throw in the design source files upon the business’s request.

“PageInk works well by itself or combined with other online marketing efforts,” said Crofts. “Social media is just one important piece of online marketing. When combined with other online marketing efforts, such as SEO or PPC, businesses are in the best position to get better visibility, more customers, and improved credibility.”

Checkout PageInk now.