OrangeSoda Grows, Gets New Office

Don’t tell anyone, but until now, OrangeSoda has probably not kept the fire code! We keep growing until we literally ran out of space. We got very close with our coworkers as we tried to accommodate new employees. The SEO team ended up taking over a conference room that made it look a little like we worked at a bank. We almost ceded into our own company.

Today that all changed. OrangeSoda moved offices about 5 minutes north or Orem to American Fork, Utah. We have sparkling new cubicles which are so roomy. There are balloons, the walls are painted orange, and the atmosphere this morning is festive as we set up at our new office. When we started planning the move, the office was much bigger than we needed. Now we almost fill it.

It’s great to be a part of a company that is growing!


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