OrangeSoda Acquired by Deluxe Corp.

I don’t often write blog posts, but when I do it’s because we have great news. Over the last year and a half a lot of companies have taken an interest in buying us, and we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve found a perfect company to fit the bill. They have everything we’re looking for:

  • They want to grow OrangeSoda
  • They have a complementary business offering
  • Their checks don’t bounce

With Deluxe as our parent company, we’re prepped and ready to continue our astronomical growth. Our sales have grown 30% in the last year alone, and everyone here at OrangeSoda is excited for the opportunities that Deluxe will provide us. OrangeSoda and Deluxe are both looking forward to helping each other grow, and both companies are committed to create the best online marketing products possible.

I want to thank all our wonderful OrangeSoda customers. You guys make our jobs possible, and we’re going to do everything we can to make sure you’re successful. You can find a copy of our press release after the bump.

Both companies focused on helping small businesses grow their online presence

American Fork, Utah – June 5, 2012 – OrangeSoda, Inc. today announced it was acquired by Deluxe Corporation (NYSE: DLX), a leading provider of business products and internet marketing services. OrangeSoda provides online marketing innovation and expertise for small businesses, providing user insights that help clients target customers through integrated services and technology.

“Deluxe will accelerate revenue growth in marketing solutions and other services by combining our organic capabilities with OrangeSoda’s innovative solutions, scalable provisioning platform and tools, and established market presence,” said Malcolm McRoberts, senior vice president small business services at Deluxe. “OrangeSoda has built compelling services offers and channels targeted at key small business marketing pain points. As a result of this acquisition, Deluxe adds differentiated solutions and capability that help support growth for our small business customers.”

OrangeSoda, founded in 2006, has approximately 175 employees and will continue to be headquartered in American Fork, Utah.

“Deluxe is a great fit for OrangeSoda because both companies are focused on helping small businesses grow their online presence,” said Jay Bean, CEO and founder of OrangeSoda. “Together we will have one of the most competitive suites of online services in the marketplace. We are also excited about the expanded services we can offer our combined channel partners, and the revenue potential of these relationships.”

Blackstone Advisory Partners L.P. acted as the exclusive financial advisor to OrangeSoda.

About OrangeSoda
Founded in 2006, OrangeSoda offers online marketing to local businesses with a unique blend of intelligent service and simple technology. By harmonizing services that cover the entire search engine results page, OrangeSoda provides the best return on investment. By using insider knowledge of how people use the Internet and how local businesses work, OrangeSoda always targets the right customers for clients. By integrating services and technology, OrangeSoda makes it easy for partners to provide Internet marketing services to their customers.

About Deluxe Corporation
Deluxe is a growth engine for small businesses and financial institutions. Four million small business customers access Deluxe’s wide range of products and services including customized checks and forms as well as web-site development and hosting, search engine marketing, logo design and business networking. For financial institutions, Deluxe offers industry-leading programs in checks, customer acquisition, regulatory compliance, fraud prevention and profitability. Deluxe is also a leading printer of checks and accessories sold directly to consumers. For more information, visit us at, or


Deluxe’s release on their website


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