Online Video Killed the Radio Star

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Advertisers are constantly looking for the most effective online marketing strategies. Well, there are a bunch of different tactics to choose from, but one of the most powerful ways to really own your space on the internet is to invest in online video advertising. Here’s why:

1. People Love It

With more than a billion unique visits on YouTube each month, it’s not too much of a stretch to say people are crazy about the world of short film clips. Whether your clip is informative, interesting, fun, or downright silly, people will often give a short video more attention than a big chunk of boring text. If you want your company to connect with humans, create a video that will inspire, educate, or make them giggle. They will love it.

2. Keeps People on Your Site

Once you have created your super awesome video, make sure to embed it on your website. Then, set the video to play automatically (as long as it makes sense on your website). The longer you can engage your audience and keep them on your site, the better your site will perform on Google. The better your site performs on Google, the more potential you have for new customers.

3. Encourages Shares

Take a minute to think about all the videos you’ve shared with your friends in the past. It’s probably a lot, right? It may require some time and money investment from a marketing team to create a great video, but it really pays off with the loads of social shares that bring potential customers to your website.