Online Reputation Mangement – Build Links to Good Content

Sometimes getting a good online reputation is more important than getting a stellar rank. In other words, rather than rankings, you focus on getting search results about your company to be full of good news. Plus you want to bury negative or inflammatory search results. This takes a different approach than we’re used to.

Here’s an example: Let’s say someone was mad at you or your business and they wrote a negative blog post about it. So now whenever anyone types in your name or your business name, their post is one of the first results that come up.

Perhaps it was a disgruntled employee. Whatever it is, it’s the kind of information that you’d rather not be there because people read the post, and may decide not to do business with you.

Try typing in the term: “First Command” – they are a financial services company. Last I checked this otherwise very reputable company had an article from 2004 show up in the top 10 search results. It talks about a lawsuit that was settled. Again, this was from 2004 – four years ago! If I were them I’d rather not have that brought up again and again. It’s kind of like that uncle who won’t let you live down your embarrassing past!

On the third page there is an overview of their company (see If they could get this higher up in the results they could push down the negative result.

To do this, you’ll need a diversity of links from different sources, not just from your site. Third party reviews and recommendations are more powerful than information on your web site. So here’s what we suggest – find good information on other sites and help promote it so the information rises to the top of the page. That’s right – build links to someone else’s web page! This is like one of Rand Fishkin’s headsmacking tips.

Do a search on Google or another search engine on your company name and see what comes up. Find the good results and start building links to those pages in hopes of promoting them to the top of the list.

Top 5 ways to promote Someone Else’s Content to the top of search results:

  1. Build a hubpage and link to the page in your article – use the name of your company as the text of the link.
  2. Build a Squidoo Lens and link to web pages with positive or objective information.
  3. Link to the page on your company blog or on your web site.
  4. Create a blog post with a list of 3rd party information about your products, company, or services and link to every good post you can find. Be sure to say thank you.
  5. Create a social media profile on a site like Facebook and link to the positive articles.

Usually OrangeSoda focuses on getting your web site to the top of search results, but in the case of reputation management, you want to get other web pages to the top too. This can be a big shift in thinking when just starting out with a reputation management campaign. It was for me!

To read more about reputation management, read what an expert, Andy Beal has to say on the subject, including a recent MarketingSherpa interview. Also, if you have a good tip to share, please comment.



My wife was just showing me a blog post about her company that shows up when you search for the company name right after the corporate website.

The blog post itself wasn’t negative but a competitor left some nasty comments and then an employee of her company retaliated which wasn’t pretty either. Perfect example of a company in need of reputation management.