Online Press Releases – What Makes the News

I’ve noticed a trend with clients – some have news and new information coming out all the time. Others struggle to come up with ideas. For search engine optimization and to establish yourself as an expert in your industry, you need quality content. One of my favorite methods to get new traffic to your web site is through an online press release.

Online press releases are press releases released online. Instead of just posting them on your site, your news is distributed through sites like Google News, Yahoo News, and on related sites and blogs. The best sites charge for this service.

Before you can release news online, you have to come up with something newsworthy. If you can’t come up with a news angle, your story is better distributed as an article – or else an advertisement.

“What makes a story newsworthy? For the media to consider your announcement newsworthy it must have a strong news angle and be interesting. The angle (or news peg) is the story hook; the news event; the controlling issue; the reason for the media to publish your story. Your news release needs tell people your story.” – PRLeap blog on “writing a press release”

There are usually newsworthy things happening in your business all of the time, but you’re not used to recognizing it. Look at your stats, sales, and what is happening in your business or industry and why. That’s usually the start of a good story.

First: brainstorm. Are you hiring more? Less? Are you involved in a good cause? Were you featured on a TV show, popular web site, or magazine? Is there something unexpected in your business?
Tips to Get Ideas for Newsworthy Stories:

  1. Tie into the season or time of the year – like if you installed heated driveways, you would note how summer is the time most people plan for a heated driveway.
  2. Tie into larger stories like politics, trends, social developments (like gas/energy prices, housing prices, credit slump or even trends and hot topics in your industry. You can look at industry magazines or web sites for ideas on stories that you could put your take on).
  3. Human Interest – create news around how a client or person was personally affected by your business, etc.
  4. New Development – a new feature for your product or web site, a new site or blog, trends in your industry or business, new hire, new investment, awards, partnerships, speaking engagements, events, contests, sponsorships, etc.

If you still can’t think of anything to write about, find news stories from your industry and give your unique take on the news.


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