Facebook Testing New “Reply” Feature

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Have you seen it yet? If you’re into engaging in Facebook conversations, you may have stumbled upon Facebook’s latest experiment to make commenting easier—the “reply” button. If you haven’t seen Facebook’s “reply” feature yet, don’t fret. The “reply” button is in testing mode right now, so it is not currently available to all users. The “reply” button will be located right next to the “like” button on each comment, and allows users to directly reply to any comment.

Facebook Reply Feature

As it stands now, Facebook users can only respond to the original post. One popular way people currently respond directly is to tag the individual they are responding to in their post. This method makes long threads super long and often difficult to follow.

Facebook’s new direct reply option would make it easier for Facebook users to respond only to comments left on their post, instead of responding to the whole group.

So, what do you think? Do you think this reply button will simplify commenting on Facebook? Do you think it will increase engagement on your page, and possibly help promote your website? Do you vote “yes” or “no” for this new feature? Let us know in the comments below.



This feature will be great and as you mentioned it will be easier to follow the conversation. I just checked it and it is not available yet here in the Philippines.

Sarah Walker

I agree this is a great addition. Focused communication increases clarity.

Ashley R. Cummings

I have seen this feature live on a few pages, and I’m excited for it to go live worldwide!