5 Tips for Maximizing your LinkedIn Profile

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LinkedIn is yet another awesome way to easily connect with other professionals. In fact, LinkedIn is the one social network that is solely dedicated to helping you show off your business smarts and grow your career opportunities. If you are looking to keep up with your colleagues, consider the following 5 steps for really getting the most out of your LinkedIn profile.

1. Fill out all the information

Nothing says “I never log in to my LinkedIn account” more than an incomplete profile. If you are truly interested in connecting with other professionals, make sure you include your name, a descriptive headline, and a snazzy photo. If all of your information is complete and up to date, your profile will attract other professionals.

2. Show off your stuff

Those searching on LinkedIn are interested in what makes you so successful. Don’t be afraid to show them. Make sure you update your LinkedIn resume often, and add interesting visual content to your profile. LinkedIn allows videos, photos, presentations, and any business document. These tools are a great way to get attention.

3. Endorse and ask for endorsements

Have you recently engaged in a great working relationship with someone you are connected to on LinkedIn? Take a moment to endorse their skills and write them a stellar recommendation. Often, the favor will be returned, helping you get more business in the future.

4. Watch your security settings

Like every social network, LinkedIn allows you to select your privacy settings. You can customize your profile, selecting who you would like to be able to view your profile. If you want to expand your business opportunities, select the option to make your profile visible to everyone.

5. Clearly state what you do

It’s important that people understand exactly what skills you have. Include this information in your headline, resume, and especially the skills section. For example, if you are a digital media professional, make sure you add “digital media” to your skills. This action allows people to learn more about you, and endorse your skills.