Make Your Pay-Per-Click Festive For The Holidays

The Holidays are upon us and the opportunity to inundate our Pay-Per-Click campaigns with cheer has arrived with them. Adjusting AdCopy should be on your list of to-dos, right next to hang the lights & shovel the walk.

While almost any industry can benefit from changing their Pay-Per-Click tone to one a tad more chipper during the holidays, there are a few industries that will miss out on a lot of holiday-hungry shoppers if they don’t make the change.

Some of these industries include:

  • Toys (of course)
  • Games
  • Sporting goods
  • Electronics
  • Clothing
  • Perfumes & Colognes
  • Jewelry (Don’t forget the man jewelry, like watches, money clips, etc.)
  • Food

Curious as to whether or not your industry is ripe for the picking during the holidays? Use Googles Insight For Search.

Your AdCopy should fit the season

While most chaps & chapettes have dreams full of sugar plums and candy canes during the holidays, my sleep-time travels lead me to a land of cheery AdTitles, laughable Calls To Action, & frosted Unique Selling Points. Stray from the boring and mundane and make your ads fun & festive!

A Couple Examples:

Your Kids Want Tie Dye

Don’t Let Them Think Santa Forgot.
Order Tie Dye Today For Free S&H!

40% Off Holiday Cardigans

Not Getting A Cardigan Is Like
Getting Coal! Order Now & Save 40%

Should you take the Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas route?

In the end it’s entirely up to you. If you want to make sure you don’t miss out on an ounce of traffic, you may want to take the Happy Holidays Route; I’ve found people who are fond of Merry Christmas are just as giddy to see Happy Holidays while some Happy Holiday’ers may be opposed to Merry Christmas.

Being a Scrooge and not running a holiday special?

That’s okay (kind of…) you still need to make a change to your AdCopy. Just because you can’t say, “free S&H for the Holidays” or “Save 25% this season” doesn’t mean you can’t exclaim, “Tie Dye Shirts Are The Perfect Holiday Gift” or “Get Him What He Wants This Year, A Cardigan”

All in all, it’s time to make the cheery change, you may already be late and don’t have time to waste. Go, fill those Ads with holiday hubbub!



Gabe raises a good point about changing ad copy even if you aren’t running a holiday special. Simply including a holiday rhetoric in the ad copy may be enough to convince a buyer that they are getting a special deal.

Ben Brown

It’s always good to tailor your ads to the season. Remember that once Christmas is over, you want to change that ad copy back. Great article!

Josh Summerhays

Interestingly, I’m seeing a mixed bag of results with holiday ads with my PPC clients. Even within a single client’s campaign, one product is doing better with their regular ads while all of the others are seeing gains from holiday ads.

Make sure you test both types against each other (though it’s getting a little late at this point for campaigns with limited budgets).


Scrooge is right! With the current economical situation and the overall need to save money, retailers should be looking for any kind of promotion to help drive traffic and conversions. It is the season of giving, so give a little discount…