Make It Rain With a Google Places Page


Let’s face it: a company that wants to be seen as credible needs to have some sort of online presence. A lot of companies have websites and can benefit from Google Places, but what about companies that don’t have any online presence?

The companies without websites can really benefit from this free product by accessing a phenomenal 97% of customers searching for local businesses like theirs online. This, in a lot of cases, can make it or break it for some startup companies who are working to get an online presence and don’t have a lot to spend.

Google Places is a great tool to get for a couple of reasons.  First, it is free. Second, 97% of customers search for local businesses online[i]. Third, Place pages provides very useful information about who is visiting the Place page, what part of town they are searching from, and other information that can be used to make smart strategic business decisions. Fourth, it gives the searcher a quick snapshot of a business including the company’s physical address, reviews, specific products and services provided, hours, photos of the business, and other unique things a customer might want to know about a business[ii]. The Place page also gives the advertiser the capability of providing a coupon or promotion to attract more customers to their business.

Multi-location or large companies like Walmart, Little Caesars or Taco Bell benefit from Google Place pages by showing a potential customer the closest physical location of their store or place of business, store hours, and promotional deals they are having.

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