Location isn't everything

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“Location, location, location!” Everyone is always chanting this as if it’s the most important thing you could possibly do with a business. But the truth is that there are some businesses with awful locations that are incredibly successful.

It’s more about having a good draw

There’s a great bakery close to the ol’ OrangeSoda HQ that is always packed and yet it’s located on a dusty, tiny, out of the way road. I’ve been going there for two years now and I still struggle just a bit to find it.

I spoke with the owner of Flour Girls and Dough Boys this morning while picking up some diabetes cinnamon rolls this morning and asked her why she thought her businesses was so successful. She thought for a moment and said “Word of mouth.”

Great quality

They thrive because they have great food at good prices. Their out of the way location might even help a little because everyone feels like the place sort of belongs to them. Beyond the food there’s a very unique atmosphere. Flour Girls and Dough Boys is popular because they have a strong draw that makes people want to eat there. Even if that means a little extra work to find and get to.