The Basics of Local Optimization

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Local optimization is one of the best ways to bring customers into your business. Optimizing for local search, like Google MAPS, is the perfect way to find customers in your area. Like any internet optimization technique, there are a series of important strategies to follow in order to see the best results possible. If you consult with an SEO professional, here are the most common suggestions they make:

1. Use your business address

If you are trying to find customers near your business location, then make sure your address matches the city used in your keyword. Your corporate location may be located in New York City, but if you want customers to visit your business in McLean, Virginia, then make sure the address listed is the address of your Virginia office.

2. Complete your business profile

One way to give your business a boost is to make sure your business profile goes above and beyond. Add your business hours, photos, a great business description, etc. The more information in your profile, the more easily searchers and Google can find you.

3. Include the keyword in your business name

A great way to tell internet users what your business is all about is to include the keyword in your business name. By doing this, you give yourself a competitive edge above your competitors.

4. Pay attention to business categories

Make sure to do the research to choose the correct category. Choosing the right business category is how Google knows where show your listing in the search results.

These are just a few of the tricks to successful local SEO strategies. For more information, tips, and tricks, make sure to consult a professional here at OrangeSoda.