Lee Gientke, Danny Sullivan, Bruce Clay and other Experts at DomainFest

Tomorrow some of the most respected search engine strategists will be speaking at DomainFest. Lee Gientke, OrangeSoda‘s director of Partner Development will be speaking on a forum about extending domain names you have that you want to sell. Many sites are simply links or ads but using SEO you can build a lot more value on your domains.

Here’s another post about making your domain name search engine friendly.

DomainFest is on Wed. January 28, 2009 in Hollywood, California. This press release has more details.

Also joining Lee:

  • Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land
  • Mike Zapolin co-founder of Music.com
  • Michael Zacharski VP of Publisher Acquisitions at CPX Interactive
  • Jamie MacMillian who is the director of search for LinkShare
  • SEO expert Bruce Clay
  • Alex Garner who is the director of Publisher Relations at Casale Media.

They will answer questions about how to quickly build traffic on a new web site, how to attract buyers, and best practices for building out a new domain.

I asked Danny and Bruce, two people I respect greatly, for some insights on how to apply SEO principles to web sites.

“As my focus is in increasing the value of a domain through Search Engine rankings, I suggest that small groups of like-themed domains be acquired and built such that they all rank well in search engines. The motivation for a domain acquisition goes up when you own a site that is taking business from their site. Buying a better ranked competitor is a good move for many businesses. Besides, if successful, the profits from the ranked domain is a wonderful way to fund other SEO, and so on and so on.”

Bruce Clay

“My advice is more from a search marketing perspective. That if domainers are looking to do more than just turn and churn domains, they should ask themselves if they can add value to their domains beyond just putting up automated ads, as so many seem to do. Having a great domain name is a good start to having a good content site, and over time, the search engines tend to reward content sites. It might be that a little effort could produce greater returns, in the long run. But that’s clearly not going to match everyone’s business models or desires.”

Danny Sullivan

Thanks to Bruce and Danny for a quick reply. I hope Lee brings back pictures from the event!