Understanding Keyword Match Types

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Learning how to conduct effective keyword research is super helpful in guiding your SEO and PPC campaigns, but there is a bit of a learning curve. Keyword tools present a lot of unfamiliar terms, and the variations of each term are often slight. One area that can be a bit confusing to digest is the “keyword match types” on Google AdWords Keyword tool. These match types can be super helpful in getting the right traffic to your site, but it’s all about learning how to use them to your advantage. Here is a short guide to help you understand the difference between broad, [exact], and “phrase” match types.

Broad Match

If you select “broad” under the match types, Google will return keyword ideas that contain all of the words you enter. The words may appear in any order and may also include other words you didn’t include. The broad results will appear in the search term list with no brackets or quotation marks. When you use the broad match, online users searching for subjects related to your keywords will see your ad.

Exact Match

If you select the “exact” box under“match types, Google will display keyword ideas that match those words exactly. That means if you type in “how to play drums,” the exact match function will give you information about those exact 4 words in that exact order. The exact results are displayed between brackets. When you use the exact match, online users who search for that exact term will see your ad. This is the most exclusionary keyword match type.

Phrase Match

If you select the “phrase” box under match types, Google will return information about that particular phrase, and in the order you typed in the phrase. The results, however, may contain other words, before or after the phrase. The phrase results are displayed in between quotation marks. When you use the phrase match, online users who search similar phrases to your keyword phrase will see your ad.

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