Internet Marketing Tips 2013: Where is Google Headed?

With 2012 coming to a close, I decided to really look at the big picture for internet marketing as a whole. Overall, there have been a lot of great updates, and yet some very scary algorithm changes have provided a clear picture for not only SEO analysts, but people all over the world who love the internet. I wanted to share the details of how things have changed this year.

In the past, Google’s algorithms supported websites that had the data that search engines were looking for. Now Google’s algorithms really support website content optimized for your users and visitors.

Here are some of the SEO changes this year that Google favors:

  • Website optimization for visitors
  • Brand names, viral content, and unique content with only a few keywords
  • Google now gives suggested searches
  • Responsive design and SEO content for mobile devices

We are seeing a pattern here. Google’s moving to an algorithm that is primarily invested in quality, not quantity. You may agree that this has been true for a while now, but there are more clarity requests and specification rich snippet requests from Google this year than before. Here are a few guidelines and tips that will always serve your business and website development:

  • Specify the main topic of the content (through meta titles and descriptions)
  • Exactly describe the keyword (even if the keyword is 4 or more keywords, Google really is looking for this clarification)
  • Define the page information and topics through rich content (
  • Use design elements or content that users are looking for (query slide shows, click-able or shareable elements, video content, animation)
  • Give and create valuable content that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else
  • Get Google Authorship verified through Google+ profiles
  • Develop your themes and pages to be responsive
  • Add images and step-by-step simple instructions to all pages that apply
  • Put a call-to-action above the fold

In summary, Google will continue to favor clear and organized content, as well as favor quality time spent on websites, quality links, viability, viral content, and organization. Good luck, and happy marketing!


Jacob Williams

I’m excited for the penguin update. What’s sad about this blog is that the people that would subscribe to it and return to it are the type of people that can do most of their seo. Hammer nail issue. I had the same realization about my blog. So now I’m creating “entertainment” content.