Building an Instagram Community

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According to Marketing Land, 40% of the top brands are now using Instagram as part of their marketing strategy. Instagram is a great way to personalize your brand through fun visuals, and a great way to receive positive interaction from your followers. You may be using Instagram, but are you doing everything to really maximize its benefits as part of your small business online marketing strategy? Consider these strategies.

Use Hashtags

Using hashtags is just like using popular keywords on a search engine database. If you are searching for a particular audience, make sure to add a hashtag to your picture description that will help followers find you. Remember that if you put a hashtag on your Instagram post, and post your picture to Twitter, the hashtag will work on Twitter as well. Hashtags are the perfect way to make sure people find your photo.

Respond to Your Followers

Let me illustrate this point with a quick story. As a lover of fashion, I once tweeted out to my fashion idols, The Fug Girls. I promptly got a response, and immediately felt important, fashionable, and super cool to get a real life response from my fashion idols. As a result, I ended up following their blog even more avidly than before. The same theory applies to Instagram. Responding to the comments of your followers will show that you really do care.

Host a Contest or Giveaway

What better way to reach your audience than by asking your dedicated followers to spread the news for you? Promising a fun reward for sharing your message is a great way to help more people learn about your brand.