If you're going to sell me something, know who I am and what I do.


I own Hugamonkey.com; we make and sell baby slings. I get a lot of phone calls from marketers, vendors, and manufacturers. Many of these people are calling to sell me their services or products. Recently I set up a phone appointment with a marketer. They had an interesting offer and it seemed like it might be a good fit with HugaMonkey.

When the salesman called he started off the conversation with the biggest sales No-No: “So, what does HugaMonkey do?”  Seriously? You’re calling me dude.  You really want to sell me your service and you didn’t even take 30 seconds to pull up my website?
And how exactly do you plan to sell me your service if you don’t even know the basics of MY service or product? How do you even know if your service is a good fit with my product?

This lack of preparation turns me off. I no longer wanted to speak with this person, let alone use his service. Not preparing for our meeting = not caring about our meeting.

If you’re a salesperson, here are a few tips from your prospect on pre-sales call research:

  1. Find out what my company does or sells.
  2. Find out who I am. Where do I fit in the company? Look at my career up to this point.
  3. Identify some competitors. What are my advantages and disadvantages when compared with them?
  4. Write down 3 concise ways your service or product matches well with my service or product.

If you follow these steps, you will impress the business owner (me!) and most likely turn a cold lead into a enthusiastic warm lead.