I Want a Sports Car Bagel Not a Prius Bagel


Each week here at OrangeSoda several of us get together to pow-wow about our blog posting efforts. We typically have some munchies to sooth the soul. This morning we had delicious Einstein Bros bagels, compare these bagels to the circular cardboard bagel I stomached the other day from Sara Lee which was purchased in a bag from Wal-Mart. Calling these bagels is like calling a Prius a sports car.

Einsten Bros specializes in bagels and they excell at making an exceptional product. Sara Lee specializes in, well…they don’t really specialize, Sara Lee makes all kinds of eatables, so in sense they do specialize in bread-type foods, however…when I want a bagel, I want a sports car bagel not a Prius bagel. I understand that to mass produce a bagel like Sara Lee certain concessions need to be made for shelf life concerns.

What kind of entrepreneur are you?

A few years ago Bill Wagner published an article called “What’s Your Type?” where he discusses why some entrepreneur’s succeed and others fail. Quoting Wagner, “Generalists are strategic thinkers. They are big picture-oriented, prefer environments where they can use their results-driven nature, enjoy autonomy and independence, and are stronger risk-takers. Specialists are tactically oriented, prefer being responsible for areas within their areas of expertise, are more detail-oriented, and prefer environments that provide both security and stability.” He goes on to discuss seven different personality types that succeed in entrepreneurship each has qualities of both the specialist and generalist. You can take his entrepreneurship test at his website.

It’s not bad to be a generalist or specialist, both are needed to succeed in business and in life.

Which are you? Does your current business fit with your personality type? Are you a generalist in a specialists role?