How to Improve Results with AdWords & SEO Data

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One of the most effective tools for increasing the effectiveness of an online marketing campaign is already in the toolbox of just about every SEO manager: Pay Per Click advertising. Here are six ways you can use AdWords and SEO to improve your company’s results.

PPC Data Provides Real Time Keyword Evaluation

Advertising tools that rely on PPC such as Google’s AdWords are popular with search engine marketers because they provide excellent data with a few customizations to your keywords and tracking settings. Google recently started pulling SEO keyword data which makes PPC all the more important for testing. PPC provides full visitor detail and is 100% accurate.

Use PPC Results to Refocus Website SEO Efforts

As you review your SEO and PPC results and gather a refined keyword list, you’ll now have some excellent tools you can use to improve the SEO capabilities of your website. Ray Comstock writes at Search Engine Watch about four key factors to review on your website in light of your SEO and PPC reports:

  1. Page Meta Data optimized around targeted keywords
  2. Previously optimized pages that need re-working
  3. Pages with duplicate content, page titles, meta data
  4. Additional content segments that need to be added to the site

You’ll need to evaluate which changes to your website will bring the greatest return and whether you have the time to invest in these updates. However, at the very least be sure that your page meta data is optimized (Learn how to improve your meta data here).

Identify Opportunities for Business Growth and Clarity

Based on PPC results, consider refining your overall business strategy to focus on the elements that customers find most attractive. Larry Stream writes at the internet marketing blog Word Stream, “By getting a PPC campaign off the ground, you can learn how much actual traffic you can expect, get a feel for how relevant searchers and Google consider your content for your keyword lists, and most importantly: find out if building content for a list of keywords will be profitable.”

If certain products and pages on your website receive the most traffic from your campaigns, you can use your SEO and PPC reports to capitalize on additional revenue opportunities.

Cut Back on Future AdWord Costs

Use PPC informed SEO to limit the number of PPC campaigns you need to pay for. Melanie Mitchell of Digitas suggests, “Based on the SEO performance, identify areas where you could refine the match type to phrase or exact without hurting campaign goals. By refining match types you can bring the media cost down and potentially invest back into the campaign.” In fact, many marketers  have found that improved SEO rankings make it possible to cut back on PPC campaigns since they can accomplish their goals more effectively with better user-targeted content that is informed by PPC data.

Use SEO to Refine Your AdWord Performance

The referring words generated in your SEO statistics can be tested in your PPC campaigns in order to broaden your reach. One of the keys to effective SEO is to optimize more than the top keywords. You need to also look for the long tail of keywords where you can gain an edge on the competition. SEO will help you find the terms that are worth testing in a PPC campaign.

Create an Integrated Search Marketing Program

The key to making PPC work more effectively for your business, you’ll need to set up an integrated search marketing program. Paul Burani writes at Web Liquid that it includes the following four elements:

  1. Dedicate 1 hr./week to studying site analytics
  2. Evaluate all ad copy on CPA basis (not CTR)
  3. Begin planning an editorial calendar
  4. Have a presence on social media sites

This guest post is written by Lior Levin, a marketing strategist for a company that provides a to-do list tool for business, and who also works for a company that specializes in psd to xhtml service.