How to Get Noticed on Google Maps

Ranking on Google Maps is one of the most cost effective ways for any business owner to find targeted customers. While you definitely want a high Google Maps ranking, not all of the same old SEO tricks work on Google Maps. Here are some quick tips to help you rank high while avoiding mistakes that may result in a penalty.

Fill out your profile completely.

Once you login to Google Places, you will be prompted to put information into your profile. Make sure to fill out 100% of the information requested. Google will take a business seriously if they have filled out 100% of the information, and they may overlook incomplete profiles. This also applies to adding your business address and phone number into the LocalBusinesCenter.

Avoid keyword stuffing.

It can be tempting to overload your title with relevant keywords, but Google will pass over a keyword heavy title as spam. Instead, use your business name in the title. Hopefully, your business name includes the keywords and maybe the city you are targeting.

Make your listing useful.

The best way to rank well on Google Maps is to make your listing useful to consumers. Not only do you want an informative and complete profile, but consider offering coupons on your profile. Google uses a beta version of a coupon search to reward businesses offering great deals.


To make it easier for local customers to find your listing, make sure you use your local phone number, and avoid using your toll free number. Also, utilize Google+ Local to show off pictures, updates, posts, and reviews of your business. The more localized your business, the more interesting it will be to local consumers and to Google.

Get help from a professional.

There are a lot of rules when it comes to ranking high on Google Maps. In order to avoid breaking a rule, or making a simple mistake that may result in a penalty, sometimes it’s best to seek out help with Google Maps marketing from a professional internet marketing company like OrangeSoda.