How to Deal With Negative Reviews

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When push comes to shove, it’s impossible to please everyone all of the time. With all the methods out there for customers to publicly comment about your company, a customer’s disappointment is bound to result in a negative online review. While it’s never fun to have a negative review floating around the Internet, it’s probably going to happen sometime to your business. Thankfully, it’s not the end of the world and can turn into an opportunity to show how dedicated you are to your customers. In the event of a negative review, consider turning a negative into a positive by doing the following.

Encourage Customers to Reach Out to Your Customer Service Team

If possible, it’s best to avoid the negative review in the first place. If you are worried about a negative review, ask your customers to contact your stellar customer service team before they leave a review. Make sure your customer service team is highly trained, positive, and willing to bend over backwards for your clients. Most problems can be fixed, and customers can be retained, simply by implementing excellent customer service policies. When customers are allowed to vent to a real person and have an opportunity for their problem to be resolved, sometimes that negative review will turn into a positive review.

Don’t Ignore the Review

Even if you have a great customer service team, sometimes people will opt to not talk to them and skip right to writing a negative review. One of the worst things you can do is ignore a negative review and hope it goes away. Seize this opportunity to respond to the review in a positive way. In fact, make public acknowledgement of a customer concern part of your online marketing strategy. Not only will responding to customers’ reviews help the customer who left the negative review regain confidence in your company, but it will also show other customers that you take care of your customers when they are unhappy.

Highlight Your Positive Reviews

Every company deals with the occasional grumpy customer who likes to make a big public stink out of every problem. For every unhappy customer, however, there are usually plenty of other happy customers leaving great reviews. A great way to combat negative reviews is to turn attention to positive reviews. If you get a great review, share it on your Facebook page, Google+ Page, and create a Twitter link. Drawing attention to positive reviews is a great way to highlight just how awesome your company is.