How to Create Quality Content for Link Building

Link building is a hot topic in the SEO world. While there are thousands of factors that go into the ranking equation for each site, having high-quality links to your site is always a benefit. Not only do high-quality links help in the ranking equation, but they are also beneficial in drawing visitors to your site outside of search engine results pages. If you have the time and want to put forth the effort to do some link building for your site, guest posting on various blogs can be a great way to build quality links.  SEOMoz posted some great tips for blogger outreach a while ago. However, in order to get those quality links, you need to have quality content, too.  Here are a few tips to make sure you’re creating quality content for your link building strategy:

Make It Valuable

Don’t just write content for the sake of getting a link. Write content that people will want to share with others in their social circle because it provides valuable information of some sort.  Don’t hesitate to ask the opinions of friends or colleagues to get ideas about what readers would be interested in hearing about.

Make It Relevant

Even if you have created potentially valuable content, it won’t mean much if it’s not relevant to the target audience you’re writing to. Before you reach out to bloggers for guest posts, make sure your topics are interesting and relevant to what their readers want to see. Don’t reach out to just any blog just because a lot of people follow it—do some research about some of their most popular topics to see if it fits with what you want to write about.

Use Authority

If there’s one thing you want to avoid when creating content for guest posts, it’s discrediting yourself. Whether writing in first person or not, be sure that your content always carries an authoritative voice for the topic you’re writing about. Don’t give readers a reason to ignore what you are writing about right off the bat. Always choose a topic that you have a broad knowledge base in and are confident in writing about.

Utilizing guest blog posting as a link building strategy can take some time to develop. It may take longer than you think to reach out to and build relationships with bloggers that are willing to use your guest post. However, persistence typically pays off in this arena, and you could end up with several high-quality, useful links.