How Do I Learn SEO?

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I get asked by junior SEO folk all the time, “I want to keep up on SEO and learn more, but where do I look?” No fear – AJ is here!

I once wondered the same thing. I had such a hard time finding reliable SEO information (the kind for which I wouldn’t be ridiculed when citing in forums), that I became complacent and gave up on learning anything other than what I was trained on at work. Finally a colleague of mine started sharing stuff that blew my mind and got me excited about SEO again. I began following up on his sources and saw patterns in different informational resources. I also learned how best to learn SEO. These are my resources.

OrangeSoda Blog

Obviously, since you’re already here, this is a resource you are aware of. I will, however, say that my beginning posts dealt with SEO basics, and I have endeavored to cover more in-depth subjects later on. If you are looking to learn from a pretty basic level, head back to my first few posts.

I also happen to work with some SEO geniuses. So much of what they write is pure, unfiltered gold. I refer my own specialists and trainees to read the blog.


One of the most respected names in the industry, for sure. I rarely find anything published by SEOmoz that I don’t agree with (and when I do, it is usually a correction on my part).

I especially enjoy a weekly video segment that they put out every Friday called ‘Whiteboard Friday’. They are usually between 5-15 minutes long and cover interesting subjects. Usually I end up getting answers to questions that I didn’t know I had.


I love Aaron Wall’s SEObook. The latest iteration is 2 ½ years old, and is still almost 100% applicable! That’s hard to do in such a fast-changing industry such as SEO. Aaron Wall is just one of those guys that gets it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear as if he sells the book anymore (hence the absence of a link).

I am currently reading The Art of SEO: Mastering Search Engine Optimization (Theory in Practice) for which Rand Fishkin is one of the authors, and I am loving it so far. This may definitely replace the SEObook in my SEO trainings.

Pick Your Specialty

SEO goes so deep that it helps to pick a specialty. If you are a techie programmer, it may make sense for you to tackle the crawlability and indexing aspect of SEO. If you love networking and are ultra creative, you may consider the linkbuilding aspect. If you are a great writer, you might consider the on-site SEO aspects and conversion optimization. If you pick a specialty, there is less for you to wade through because you only read what is relevant to your interest. If you attempt to learn everything about SEO, you may get burnt out from drinking out of a fire hydrant.

Attend Webinars

Sometimes it’s not enough to just read about SEO strategies…you need to see them in action. Educational webinars are a great way to learn more about SEO and ask questions from the experts. Orange Soda is hosting an “SEO 101 for Small Business” webinar on October 27th 2010 at 10:00 AM Pacific (1:00 PM Eastern). If you want to learn tried and true strategies for getting started with SEO, improving your website rankings, and attracting more visitors to your Website, then this webinar is for you! Register now.


aaron wall

Our training program is plenty up to date, as our our interactive member forums. I have made over 20,000 posts on the forums, regularly put out newsletters, blog and keep the training modules updated.

The big issue with the ebook was that as search became more subjective it was really hard to write an end to end relevant guide that would work for the seasoned affiliate, the brand new webmaster, and the fortune 500 CEO/CMO…and the big issue was that to some degree my customer base was all of those.

AJ Wilcox

@Aaron, thanks for the comment! Although I would absolutely love to see an updated SEObook, I definitely understand your reasoning.

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