Hide yo kids, hide yo wife. Antoine Dodson: An Infographic

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After being interviewed on the local news about the failed rape of his sister by an intruder, Antoine Dodson became an internet sensation, featured in the Gregory Brothers’ “Bed Intruder Song,” part of their Auto-Tune the News series. Eventually placing at an amazing #89 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, Antoine went on to become a cult hero, interviewed on The Today Show, performing at the BET Hip Hop Awards, and even had an official Bed Intruder Halloween costume made in his honor.

The following are the events that happened along Antoine’s rise. We also tracked the number of video views for the original interview and the Bed Intruder song.



We may see a new video after Mr. Dodson’s arrest last week for drug possession…

“Hide yo weed! Hide yo bong! Hide yo weed!”