Hello, can I help you?

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How can I help you?

There’s nothing better than calling a business to ask if they have something in stock, make reservations or to schedule an appointment and having the person on the other end of the phone answer with Hello? The conversation typically goes like this:

Business: Hello?
Me: Hello?
Business: Can I help you?
Me: Yes, is this (insert business name)?
Business: Yes.  How can I help you?

I also love it when you can tell there’s obviously something more important going on in that person’s life because the answers are quick and abrupt.  Now I understand the need to be efficient and that the phone can ring at the most inopportune times BUT a customer has many choices and they’ve chosen to call you, so make sure they feel like they are talking to an expert and are your new favorite customer.

If you’re not polite your competition will be

Go do an internet search for your city and industry and make a note of how many phone numbers show up on the search results page.  Those are all of the other companies that I could have called (and still might) to help me with my current needs.  I’ve chosen to call you and if my first experience is cold, rude or not answered, another company is one phone call away.

Get an outside perspective on your service

The “Favorite Customer” mentality isn’t just a piece of paper by the phone with a script to read, it’s a commitment to making every customer feel like they’ve made the right decision…especially on the first phone call.  If you have employees that answer the phone, call in once in a while and rate your own experience.  If you answer the phone then call some of your competition and make sure your business stands out over the phone.  Make sure a customer’s phone call experience is as wonderful as their walk-in or storefront experience.  By paying attention to the little things, like the phone, your business will be better prepared to standout and succeed, no matter who your competition may be.