Have you considered Internet Fax?

Have you considered using internet fax instead of getting a new fax machine or getting a fancy copier?  My first company was web based and I wasn’t planning on needing  a fax number for anything.  Why on earth would someone need to fax an order when they could click a checkout button?  Then I got a call from a School District in Florida that needed me to fill out a form and give them my fax number because all of their orders were via Purchase Order.  Unless I wanted to wait a week to get their order via snail mail, they needed a fax number.

Ditch your fax machine

I wasn’t interested in buying another fax machine but I needed a fax number and needed it quick.  That’s when I first discovered internet fax services.  It’s sometimes called email fax, foip (like VOIP only for faxes)  or email to fax, but I like internet fax and I can be pretty stubborn.  The main providers of internet fax are eFax (recently acquired my personal favorite which was Packetel’s pfax), MyFax, and RapidFax.  A number of VOIP providers also offer a version of internet fax so if your business runs on a VOIP system consider asking about adding fax.

eFax, MyFax and Rapidfax are, in all honesty, the same.  Each offers incoming faxes that range from $8-$15 per month for anywhere from 100 to unlimited incoming faxes.  The biggest differences between fax providers are:

–          Local number or a toll-free number
–          Incoming faxes or outgoing faxes (or both)
–          Number of faxes per month (both incoming and outgoing).

At the end of the day, if it’s worth making your businesses life easier with internet fax, then consider giving  eFax, MyFax, or Rapidfax a try.  If you have used an internet fax provider for your business, let us know which company you used and what you thought in the comments of this post.


VoIP and Fax Integration

Most of VoIP service are integrated with internet faxing. So if you plan to switch your business phone system inoto VoIP, make sure it is cost efficient and package with faxing service too like RingCentral services.


I use Hostednumbers.com and like them alot. They are a little bit cheaper than the ones mentioned.


Great article! Why would you not consider internet faxing if you know the huge advantages of this over the regular faxing? Internet faxing makes our lives easier and secured.

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