Google's Experiment Search Feature: Streaming Search Results

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This isn’t exactly groundbreaking news, as I read about it a week or two ago from other sources, but today was the first day that Google’s new experimental feature that allows for “streaming search results” started to display for my personal use.

Basically, as you start typing in your keyword in the search bar, the search results below will change dynamically (or stream) as you continue to type. Kind of cool, right?

Here’s a video of the experimental search in action:

As you can see, with each word you type in, the search results will give you different options and predict what you are looking, possibly saving you time (seconds?) in typing.

Is This Good?

I can see a couple of benefits of this new streamlined search:

  • You can see new sets of results instantaneously with just couple of keystrokes.
  • No needing to load new result pages for new searches.

But I have also read some negative comments:

  • The first few words of your search could yield some not-so-welcomed results
  • Some have complained of a drop in rankings and/or less traffic to their website.

What Say Ye?

My opinion is still neutral; I can’t definitely say one way or the other if this is an improvement or not. But, what do you say about this experimental feature? What if it’s here to stay? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.