Google Takes Action on Guest Blogging Communities

Yesterday, Google announced that they took action on a guest blogging community. This strategy has been viewed as a white-hat tactic for years and is now being deemed as spammy by Google’s Webspam team. OrangeSoda has not leveraged this network. While we have leveraged guest blog posting strategies, we have stayed within Google Guidelines. As always, we adjust all of our marketing strategies to enhance performance and limit risk.

Our new SEO products are designed to steer away from tactics that may become a concern to Google in the future. What was once considered “white-hat” a year ago can be viewed as spam in today’s online landscape.We continue to improve strategies for new products and to migrate legacy accounts into the new strategies. We are focusing on customized outreach and link strategies that fall in line with search engine guidelines. This means we are moving away from canned link-building approaches that may be targeted by Google in the future. By focusing on new content marketing strategies and all the signals that can build authority instead of just links, we will be positioned to drive performance and stay within Google Guidelines. Here are just a few examples of our strategies moving forward:

Premium Content Marketing

We promote your business through premium publications and websites throughout the web. Distribution of content through these channels helps drive traffic, content sharing, and valuable links that benefit your online presence and exposure. These are often no-follow links that fall within Google Guidelines. As always, creating compelling content is the best way to get shared and encourage natural backlinks.

Custom Citation and Link Building

Moving forward, our link and citation strategies are built around your business’s industry and geographic location. We do not leverage canned link building strategies that can be viewed as abusive by search engines and cause short-term ranking results. We identify the best places on the web where your business should be promoted; such as hyper-local and niche directories, local newspapers, or popular blogs within your city or industry. Content creation and distribution is often part of the strategy. Through these white-hat strategies we are able to build trusted links, citations, and traffic from various and relevant sources from around the web.

Directory and Maps Management

Building your brand across the online ecosystem is extremely important. We help your business build branding consistency and exposure across both major and niche business directories.

Building Social Signals

We will be generating content for your on-site blog and distributing the content through major social channels. Sharing content across the web helps build brand awareness, trust with search engines, and helps drive traffic.

Improving User Experience and On-site Optimization

Our SEO specialists will analyze your website and help you improve on-site aspects to make it friendly for both users and search engines. This can include recommended updates to title tags, content edits, content creation, sitemaps, and much more. Also, our specialists will pinpoint any problems that may interfere with search engines, such as frames or excessive use of Flash.

Focus on Quality Content

Depending on the strategy and allowable budget, various types of content or media will be created and distributed through major platforms and channels. These can include infographics, articles, blog posts, video and more. Creative and authoritative content promotes brand awareness and engagement that encourages links and quality traffic.

Focus on Quality over Quantity

We are targeting the best places on the web for your business. This means we search for and qualify citation and link building opportunities based on what is best for your business. In return, you can expect more qualified traffic and more authority and trust from the search engines that results in long-term rankings. We will not focus on high quantities of links that may provide short term ranking benefits but no value in the long-run.

SEO has always been a moving target, but there are many factors that have never changed, such as quality on-site optimization, great content, brand consistency (NAP), and the importance of relevant links. We are still your best bet for these foundational factors and are always improving these strategies. As our competitors are scrambling to find a direction and answers, we are on our way to implementing long-term solutions.