Google Revamping Search Page (updated)

It looks like Google is rolling testing out a new layout for their search page. This one includes easier navigation on a persistent sidebar. The sidebar features quick links to different Google search engines. As of this writing there are six 10 sections with an optional more button.

  • Everything (regular Google search)
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Maps
  • Books
  • News
  • Shopping
  • Blogs
  • Updates (Appears to use the google live search which shows twitter results in realtime etc)
  • Discussions (Searches forums, yahoo answers etc)

The SERP is a bit more like Bing with sidebar navigation. It looks like they may be playing with ditching the top bar navigation all together.

Credit @sam1am on Twitter for bringing this to our attention.


Here’s an update from @sam1am

The sidebar items automatically change to accommodate your searches. If you search for “macintosh” your options are everything and blog but you can expand to show everything. A search for “Steve Jobs” brings up news, images, books, blogs while  “mp3” player brings up images, blogs, and shopping

The footer has also changed quite a bit. Check out the screen shots below.