Google Places Review Update

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Google made an announcement last week that positively affects any thriving business. They announced that they are now accepting requests to move your business reviews from one listing to another.

If you are part of a growing company, chances are you experience a lot of change. For example, your company may experience a change in name, ownership, physical location, or your services may even be acquired by another business.

In the past, when your company experienced any of these types of changes, you were out of luck when it came to transferring your hard-earned positive Google reviews.

Now, instead of having to create a brand new Google listing, you can submit a request to Google asking them to move your old reviews to your new Google Places Business listing. In order to do this, simply visit this website and fill out the necessary information.

Keep in mind, in order to submit this request, you do have to be using the new Google Places for Businesses dashboard. For more information about how to utilize the new Google Places for Businesses dashboard and how to optimize your website for local marketing, contact OrangeSoda today. We would be happy to help you.