Google Local Saved the Day!

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Last week was one of those weeks. My husband and I spent the week working, packing, and moving into a new house while trying to keep up with social events. On Saturday, we left the piles of unpacked boxes in a rush to make it to a dear friend’s wedding. We traveled 45 miles only to end up at an empty building and no clue as to where the wedding actually was.

Unfortunately, the invitation with the correct address was packed away in a box 45 miles away, and all of our mutual friends were already at the wedding. After freaking out for about 2 minutes, it dawned on us to put Google Local to the test.

We pulled out our iPhones and Googled “wedding centers in Sandy, UT.” Google returned a short list of results with the company name, a direct link to a telephone number, an address, and a map with directions. After about 30 seconds of calling through the results, we located the wedding center where our friends were getting married and had step-by-step directions leading us right to the wedding center.

Thanks to Google Local, we arrived at the wedding in time and were able to enjoy the ceremony and celebrate with our friends.

This experience reminded me of how beneficial maps optimization can be to any business. People are searching every day for specific information and building a strong internet presence will direct those potential customers right to your doorstep.

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