Google Launches Google+ Sign-In

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Google+ recently launched a new security feature, which makes the process of signing into any app simple. If you are an app-savvy entrepreneur, here are just a few reasons you may want to consider adding Google+ Sign-In as one of your app login options.

Features of Google+ Sign-In


In order to sign into your app, all users have to do is click the red “Google+ Sign-In” button. With this simple click, all relevant information from the user’s Google+ profile is carried over to your system, which allows you to avoid the hassle of registration and remembering passwords.


App users sign in with their Google credentials, and follow the 2-step verification process to ensure user identity. Furthermore, users have full control over what they share with other app members.

Integrated mobile and desktop

After signing in, users can instantaneously download the mobile version of the app to their mobile device.

Interactive posts

With the ability to encourage others to sign up, write reviews, check-in, buy an item directly from your app, etc., users can spread some of the love for you.

Google+ Analytics

Google+ Sign-In offers detailed data about your users. With Google+ Analytics, you can measure user growth, view platform insights, understand speed of interactive posts, and more.

Google+ plug-ins

You can encourage users to promote your website, or application, by giving them the option of sharing your app on their Google+ account. All you have to do is download one of the Google+ plug-ins, and let your users do the sharing.