Google Hotpot – 5 better names

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Google Hotpot just launched yesterday and I got to tell you, it’s pretty cool. You can very quickly rate all your favorite restaurants and businesses. Even better, you can friend all your Google contacts and then compete to see who rates the most businsses. If you have an Android phone with location based services enabled it even suggests places you’ve already been.

But seriously, Hotpot? Here are 5 better names for Google’s latest project, Hotpot.


Wow, it sounds just like Hotpot except it makes a lot more sense and is easier to hear. “Check out Google Hotspot, it tells you the hotspot to get food!” No matter what I do I routinely think it’s Google Hotspot


Get it? First there was foursquare, now there’s Hopscotch? Awesome! It makes the whole thing sound like a game where you go around to different businesses giving them ratings!


Sorry, that was below the belt. Google has several location based services Places, Latitude, Maps and Buzz. They’re all involved with businesses, they all involve reviews. Hotpot is just a new place to put those reviews. They need to get some unity over there!


I think hotpot is supposed to have something to do with a pot full of a melody of delicious fixins just a wait’in for you to come in from the cold. It’s a nice metaphor for what they’re doing but HotSoup or even HotStew is more memorable and easier to say.


Ooo, did you feel that? Those are shivers in your spine telling you how awesome that name would be. Google Happening should be the name of the service that brings Buzz, Hotpot and the rest of their location based services into a single unified service. Google Happening would be about those reviews but also where your friends are at, a la latitude.

Alas, here’s to Google, may they get their ducks in a row.



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