Google Caffeine Update and Chasing the Algorithm

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Google recently announced a significant change to their search index nicknamed “Caffeine.” The idea of Caffeine was introduced to the world about 10 months ago and there has been no shortage of speculation and concern from the search marketing world since then.

On the Official Google Blog, they go into a lot of detail explaining the technical changes and benefits of their new search index. Ultimately, the Caffeine infrastructure allows Google to update their index in a much shorter time frame and provide the most relevant and timely results possible. It will provide users more of a real-time view of the Web instead of Google’s index which will tend to be days or weeks behind.

When Google makes a big change to their algorithm or announces something major, we often receive questions from our clients and partners such as, “What is this going to do to my rankings?” or “How does this affect our SEO strategy?”

The truth is we don’t have to worry about drastic changes to clients’ rankings or rethinking the company’s entire SEO strategy every time Google makes a change. From the beginning, we’ve always asked ourselves: “What is Google’s goal?” Google’s goal is to provide users the most relevant and best search results possible. So when implementing an SEO strategy for a client, we ask ourselves: “How can we make this site the most relevant and useful search result?”

By aligning our goals and strategy with Google’s, we don’t have to sweat bullets during the 400+ Google algorithm changes each year. If you’re constantly chasing the algorithm and looking for a weakness here or there that you can leverage, it will eventually catch up to you. Can you make a quick buck? Probably. Will you create long-term results and value? Probably not.

With that said, we definitely don’t ignore an announcement like this. These types of changes provide valuable insight into how Google determines which websites are useful and relevant. After examining thousands of our SEO clients—and their even more thousands of keywords—we’re seeing that the Google Caffeine update had a small but positive impact on our clients.

This is great confirmation that the overall SEO strategy that we live by at OrangeSoda and the individual strategies we put in place for our clients are sound and in line with the best practices and guidelines of Google.


AJ Wilcox

Great comments, Bryan. It’s funny how SEOs get their panties in a bunch over any algorithm update with a name. Just keep doing what Google wants, and it definitely won’t be a big deal. I suppose that’s why they call them best practices.


What a useless article. Thanks for wasting 2 minutes of my life. 😛

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