Using Google Analytics to Battle Bounce Rate

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As a website owner, you probably dream of making your landing page the online equivalent of a luxury lounge. In other words, your goal is for visitors to relax and peruse your website for as long as possible, instead of bouncing out the second they land on the page. Thankfully, Google Analytics provides some tools to help you better analyze your online marketing strategies, and help you fix factors that are driving visitors away.

How to check my landing page stats

Register for a Google Analytics account to start checking your bounce rate statistics. Once you have your Google Analytics account set up, click on the “Content” button, and analyze the stats under the “landing page” section. The stats on this page will show you the number of visitors, average time spent on your site, bounce rate, and more.

If you are unhappy with your bounce results, here are a few ways to improve your landing page.


Perhaps the keywords that you picked aren’t as relevant as you initially thought. Use the Google AdWords tools to evaluate how your keywords are performing, and switch things up as necessary. If you notice one keyword is helping you convert your traffic better than another keyword, don’t be afraid to target that keyword instead.


If you have a high bounce rate, it is possible your website design is gross looking. You’d be surprised how many people ditch out of a site the moment they notice that the site looks spammy, ugly, or confusing to navigate. Ask a design professional if your design is appealing to your audience. If not, then hire that designer to revamp your website.


Quality content is a key component to keeping people on your site. Make sure your content is straightforward, easy to understand, and includes a direct call to action. Keep in mind that images and videos count as content as well. Draw your customers in with stellar copy, images, and videos.