What Do Good SEO Service Providers Offer?

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You’ve finally made the commitment to invest in online marketing, but you may be wondering what qualities you should look for in a professional SEO company like OrangeSoda. That’s a great question and one to take very seriously, especially since there are a lot of SEO companies that rely on old tactics and tricks to try and boost your website in search results. When selecting an online marketing company, here are some things they should absolutely offer.

Keyword research

First and foremost, the SEO company you select should offer thorough keyword research. Professional SEO strategists will know how to review your website, research keyword options, and select relevant keywords that will help bring you traffic from your target audience.

Onsite optimization

The SEO company should also be heavily involved in revamping your website to include all the SEO bells and whistles. They should be strategically inserting the best keywords into your content, writing title tags and descriptions for each of your optimized pages, and creating a sitemap for your website.

Content creation

If you do not have enough content on your website, your SEO strategist should immediately recognize it and rectify the situation. They should know how much content is too little and how much content is too much. They can also advise you on how to build a quality content strategy.

Link building

One of the top ways Google and other search engines know how to rank your website is by the amount of quality links that point back to your website. Your SEO strategist will help increase the amount of links back to your website by submitting your site to directories and writing articles and blogs.


A great SEO company should also provide a way to measure results. Make sure you hire a company that offers some type of reporting that tells you exactly how your website is ranking and improving.

Additional advertising options

Part of building a successful online marketing strategy includes investing in various types of advertising. Be wary of the company that only offers SEO services, and look to hire professionals that offer paid search, Maps optimization, social media marketing, and more in addition to SEO.

Reasonable pricing

You definitely don’t want to hire the cheapest company out there, but your SEO advertising also shouldn’t completely break the bank. Consider what amount of money you have to invest in SEO and then invest in a reasonably priced product like OrangeSoda’s Blend product.

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