Give Your Website More Sex Appeal

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Yes, this blog post title was chosen partly because, as they say, “sex sells,” and partly because I had never written the word “sex” in a blog post before. Now that I can check one more item off my blog bucket list, I do want to focus on why you should consider a tweak to your current website design.

A while ago, I wrote a couple of posts about website conversion and why your website doesn’t create business, but I want to expound on those concepts and bring up some new ones.

The Emotional Aspect of Web Design

A fellow co-worker recommended a great blog post from Webdesigner Depot that wonderfully depicts why web design is so important: namely, to evoke positive/strong emotion for your visitors to make your website memorable and to empathize with your visitors.

Using the aforementioned idea is critical for many small- to medium-sized businesses to incorporate. More often than not, I have come across individuals and small companies concerned with SEO, potential rankings on search engines, the volume of visitors to their website, etc., but then totally ignore the experience—emotion—aspect of their website for their visitors when they arrive.

In other words, just because people click on your website from the SERP (even if it ranks number one), it doesn’t automatically mean that they are obligated to like your website, feel comfortable, be trusting, or purchase your product or service.

Visitors need to feel emotionally invested before they act. They need to have a reason to act. And it’s nice when a website (company) can empathize with the visitors’ emotions to allow the aforementioned to occur.

For example, if you have dental office, perhaps you can create an emotional theme throughout your website that is based on comfort, relaxation, and understanding—as most people don’t like the thought of dental procedures. Perhaps you can use softer colors, images of happily smiling patients and kindly dentists, text that is sympathetic to the fears that many have about dental visits, and so forth. Figure out exactly what your visitors should feel (and will feel) when they arrive at your website.

Determining what your clients should see and feel will take some time and work, but it will offer them an experience that will be memorable and help set you apart from the myriad choices Internet searchers have.

Basically, look at your website through the lens of the visitor and ask, “Why should I use this website?”

What It Boils Down To

So, it’s not really about the sex appeal aspect of a website, per se (unless you’re running an escort agency), but about why your website is appealing to your specific visitors. Every facet of your website’s aesthetics should play a role into affecting the emotion of your visitors and allow them to act—it’s up to you to determine what that is.

If your website is receiving a good number of visitors but you aren’t converting at a rate that you should be, take a look at redesigning with your users in mind—not what you think looks snazzy. On a similar note, SEO isn’t some magical Avada Kedavra spell to overcome your competition. Even if you do rank well on search engines, you will have to give the people what they want when they arrive to your website…and what they want is to feel an emotional connection.