Getting your Business into Google News

Have you ever wondered how to get your local business news listed in Google News? I certainly have. Google News is the second most popular news site – Yahoo News is number one (by a long shot). I use one or both practically every day.
The difference between the two sites is that Google uses an algorithm to display results. Yahoo has real people look over your release. Both hold your news for 28 days. That’s why I prefer using a press release distribution service like PRWeb – it’s a permanent link in addition to the news link. Still there is value to both.

Google News blog just posted some tips for getting into or banned from Google News:

Here’s what they say about the timing of your release:

“whether you publish before, after, or in the midst of when other publishers post articles won’t affect your article ranking. Our algorithms take a number of factors into account when choosing the best articles in a cluster. Simply publishing the same story after another publisher won’t help. Additionally, our system is set up to detect duplicate content and promote the original source of a story.”

Here’s the rest of the tips about getting into Google News.

Online PR – an SEO Tool for Small Businesses

Often the small business owner doesn’t think in terms of news or as news as a way to getting into search engines. However, like most local internet marketing, there often isn’t a lot of competition. That’s partly because each local business is unique already. And because most local businesses haven’t caught on or don’t have the resources or know-how needed. And that’s precisely why we’re here.