Getting the Most from Paid Search

I interviewed one of our PPC account managers, Ryan, about what makes a paid search campaign successful. Here are his answers.

What are the most common misconceptions new PPC clients have?

If a business has never done PPC before, than they may have ROI expectations that are not line for their competitive landscape. It’s important to work with a new client to set realistic goals and timelines for a PPC new campaign.

How long do you need to run a PPC campaign to optimize it effectively?

To optimize a campaign, you need enough conversion data to see trends. Usually, the size of a monthly budget will determine how fast we can gather enough data for optimization purposes. A $20,000 budget generates many more clicks in one month vs. a $500 monthly budget.

What are the main factors that affect the success of a new PPC campaign?

The main factor is clear communication and expectations between client and agency. If both parties are aware of the challenges and work involved to obtain results, than a solid workflow is created that generates results quickly. The remaining factors include linking existing accounts (if available), creating compelling ads, and implementing tracking codes on the website.

What advantages does the OrangeSoda PPC team have over managing a campaign yourself? How about compared to other companies?

Our years of experience. Our core management group has been working with PPC campaigns since 1999, which is a long time with regards to the internet. Also, the OrangeSoda technology enables us to manage both large and small advertisers, and give both groups competitive results.

Describe your ideal PPC client.

I aim for all my clients to be ideal. The most important piece of work I do is making sure they are clear on what results they want to achieve with their advertising. I then give them realistic expectations as to the work involved to reach these results.

How does a larger spend account differ from a smaller spend account?

A larger spend account requires more attention vs. a smaller spend. The amount a client spends, can affect results. This is especially true for competitive verticals like Travel and Retail.