Get Your Tweet On

How to sign up for and customize a Twitter account

Don’t underestimate it— Twitter can provide better branding, stronger customer loyalty, and company revenue. So here’s a little tutorial that will get you going on this popular social media platform.

1. Create an account

Head on over to and sign up for free. Fill out your info, read and accept the usage agreement, and confirm your creation in their follow-up email.

2. Find followers

Social networks work on the grand Back-Scratch Theorem (i.e., you scratch mine and I’ll scratch yours), so you gain followers by following others. Find categories in your industry to build your name in your market. Once you’ve chosen the accounts in the categories you want to follow, click the “Next Step: Friends” button to import your email contacts and see who among your contacts is already on Twitter. Now you’re set up and you can start searching!

3. Now you can tweet!

Go ahead, post updates on your business, specials, promos just for people who mention the tweet . . . and pretty much anything you want. Just be careful not to promote yourself too forcefully, otherwise you’ll lose followers.

4. Customize your profile

Click the “Settings” link at the top of the page and find the “Profile” tab. Change your picture, name, location website, and bio so people can find you. It’s your business—make it count.

5. Change your Twitter theme

This is the fun part— after you get your profile worked out, go into the “Design” tab and have a party. You can change your Twitter theme to one of 20 pre-made themes, view thousands of other themes, or create your own themes. To view other people’s themes, click the link to the right that says “Check out Themeleon.” You can also create your own theme by clicking the buttons at the bottom of the page to change you picture and colors.

Now you’re set use Twitter! Spend a little time playing around with what you can do. Don’t worry, it’s all in the name of marketing. There are a lot of powerful tools you can incorporate into your website or blog to help your clients follow you. Have fun.

Happy Tweeting!