Get Up and Running

Publish it on Facebook

The key to social media is to start talking. Start a conversation on products, recent research, the latest and greatest in your field, great experiences, terrible experiences, or anything else. You can talk about anything— anything but how great you are. Sure, pat yourself on the back now and then, but remember it’s all about your customers, not you.

Communicate. Fan pages and groups are based on dialogue. Put up a discussion board and keep some fresh, new topics going. Remember, your Fan Page is about your fans— it isn’t a billboard. Keep the tone conversational on your discussion board. You’ll turn a lot of people off faster than you can say “fizz” if you sell to them every chance you get.

Socialize. When people write on your wall, respond! Let them know you hear them and think their opinion is worth responding to. Then post pictures of your events, office parties, office pranks, and anything else. Show them the human side of your business.

Entertain. Put up some video links and photos. You can post just about anything from tutorials to a video feed from an office barbecue. Get your fans and followers to post their own videos, articles, and pictures on your wall. Run a regular competition to keep contributions flowing and people talking.

Inform and advertise. Post pictures, video, and status updates about your latest product or promo. You’ve got something customers want, so make sure everyone knows about it. You can also create an event for the introduction of your offer or product and give them a special deal for finding out about it through your Facebook page.

Connect. You’ve been putting a lot of work into your social media— make them work for each other. Post links to your website, your blog, and your twitter account right there on the fan page. Let people know about job openings, and give them a link to follow. Whatever you do, stay connected.