Get Some Face Time

How to create and manage a business account on Facebook

Have you ever thought of creating a business profile on Facebook? It lets your customers become fans and it gets your name in front of all their friends. Since the average user has 130 friends, that’s some serious face time with potential leads.1 Use your profile to let people know about events, promos, and cool stuff going on in the industry.

1. To get started, follow this link (but keep this window open as we take you through the whole thing, step by step): .

2. Read all of the rules regarding business accounts (oh come on, it’s not that bad). We just don’t want the Facebook police to delete your account.

3. Put a business casual picture in there of yourself. You don’t have to make it the profile picture (that’s probably going to be your company logo, anyway), but let people know that you really do have a face.

4. And as long as you’re putting pictures up, don’t hesitate to put evidence of the latest office prank, video from the company barbecue, or informational videos on there.

5. Create a URL that’s customized for your business. Here’s the link to make that happen: .

Make the most out of your account. Chances are, you can do some pretty impressive stuff. The more your customers see you online, the more they will come to you for business.