Get More Traffic—Jump on the YouTube Marketing Bandwagon!

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We all know YouTube is a great place to visit to laugh at hilarious clips, view interesting phenomenon, and check out the latest version of the Harlem Shake. While YouTube is a great site for quick and easy entertainment, YouTube is also an excellent tool for online marketing. See how YouTube marketing can enhance your business’ social media marketing mix.

A quick visit to YouTube’s statistics page, tells us the following information about how many people are visiting YouTube:

  • YouTube has over 800 unique visitors in just one month
  • People watch over 4 billion hours of video on YouTube each month
  • YouTube chalks up millions of subscriptions to different channels each day
  • YouTube reaches 53 different countries
  • In 2011, YouTube had more than 1 trillion views

YouTube has built a humongous brand, and is generating more traffic than anyone could possibly imagine. The great news is YouTube has made it easy for anyone to jump on board and share in the traffic. All you have to do is create your own channel, upload relevant videos, encourage people to subscribe to your channel, and wait for the traffic. Not only are you rewarded with traffic, but YouTube also monetarily rewards popular channels. Win-win.