Get Blogging

Whether you’re a novice keyboardist or an experienced techie, there’s a blog format to fit your needs and your business. Google Blogger and are two different blog providers. We’ll look at them one at a time and give you an idea of which one you’ll want for your business.


Blogger is for the technologically green, and we think it’s the best free blogging platform available. They do all the hosting for you and let you blog your heart out— all for free. Here’s how to get started.

1. Sign in

Go to and hit Get Started. Do you have a Gmail, Google Groups, or Orkut account? Then just sign in. If this is your first time using Google, set up an account on the next page.

2. Set up

You get to pick your blog’s name and URL. Here’s one more tip: make your name fun and your URL simple. You want people to be intrigued by your blog, and you want it to be easy to find. We’ll talk about setting up your own URL in just a sec.

3. Pick a template

It’s just a starter template. Once you hit continue, you can look at a bunch of other templates and customize the whole look for your company.

Wanna set up a different URL? Go into your Dashboard and hit Settings. You’ll see a tab that says Publishing where you can alter your free blogspot URL or pay for a personalized URL.

You’re done! Now put a link to your blog on your homepage, and start blogging. Get the word out about your blog through your Facebook and Twitter.

The tech-savvy (or the ambitious) definitely want to look into a blog. You can add your WordPress blog to the same host you use for your business website. WordPress gives you much more freedom with the internal structure of the site, making your blog really pop. You can attach a WordPress blog directly to your business website, making your blog easy to access and your website easier to find on a search engine. Go to and follow these steps to get started:

1. Get a web host

Chances are you already have a host. It’s the company that keeps your website live, day and night. If you don’t already have a host, they only cost about $2–7 per month. gives you lots of great suggestions.

2. Download and install WordPress

Their 5-minute download makes life so much easier. After you download it, install WordPress on your main website. Make the address as simple as If you don’t know how to make it all happen, get in touch with your web developers. They’ll take care of it for you.

No matter which blog provider you use, blogs add a personal touch and online cred to your business. Get in, get around, and get blogging!