Free Pizza From Papa John's

Ok that was dirty…there is no free pizza for people reading this post. Anyway…

A¬†week or so ago I purchased two Papa John’s pizzas for my family to enjoy, one cheese/cheese and one BBQ Chicken and Bacon speciality. To my horror (yeah, horror) when I arrived home, the speciality pizza was missing a lot of cheese (yeah, a lot, and you see my horror now right). I took a couple of pictures and emailed them to Papa John’s customer service politely asking them to replace my pizza. This was Saturday.

Papa John's Where's My Cheese?Sad Pizza, Where's My Cheese

On Monday morning I received a call from Tyler, my local Papa John’s store manager. He said, “thanks for letting us know about this issue, I looked at the pictures and I totally agree that there is not near enough cheese on there, I’m sorry about that, I’d like to replace your pizza, when would you like to do that?” I responded, “today is fine, we don’t have any dinner plans yet, I’d like another BBQ Chicken and Bacon.” He said, “can I get you a pizza for the kids too”. I said, “yes”!

Folks, this is excellent customer service and being an excellent customer. I was dissatisfied with my purchase, I calmly and politely told the business about my problem. The business accepted full responsibility and made it right.

So thanks Papa John’s for making excellent pizza and providing excellent customer service.



I totally agree. When there is a problem, stay calm. If you get upset, there’s a really good chance you’ll get someone defensive, and when pride gets in the way, no one likes the outcome. Very cool of Papa Johns to be so good to you. Much deserving of a righteous blog post.


Howdy! Just wanted to say great blog! (it also made me extremely hungry for pizza after reading it)


A wonderful positive post! Customers normally only log on to leave negative comments. Very refreshing to read something of this nature. Well done Clint!


Wow, a chain doing the right thing. I’m sure you have told many of your local friends about the event as well. A negative turning into a positive. That’s how an organization builds loyalty. Of course being in the NYC metro area with the best local pizza in the US I’ve never had Papa John’s, but good to know.

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