Focus or Fail: Blog Marketing


I recently tripped over a very useful blog post at The Future Buzz. The writer, Adam Singer, is a prolific and successful blogger who has assembled 50 tips to help a new blogger get going. I thought that all of the 5o were very insightful, but two that were particularly insightful:

  1. Allow an absolute minimum of one year solid commitment (posting 3-5x weekly, or even daily) before you start to see compelling results.  Be mindful of the fact it may take longer.
  2. It’s not going to be easy – nothing rewarding is.

In our “now” world, many small businesses want a quick marketing fix. Revenues are shrinking and the current economy is certainly very challenging. I can definitely appreciate needing a quick fix, since businesses rely on new customers to produce revenue. The only quick fix in online marketing will come from pay-per-click advertising, not Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media or blogging. The long term rewards from having a smart and effective SEO campaign, a fun and informative social media presence, and an authoritative blog, however, are worth the efforts involved.

Take the time to focus your marketing efforts and in time you will see the results.

Focus or Fail. You Decide.

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Dan Garfield

I’d say patience is the most important part of that. So many companies think that throwing a blog up will instantly produce results but you have to work at it and it takes time.

Bryan Phelps

3-5x weekly for 1 year – awesome advice. It will feel like you’re talking to yourself for awhile but with some consistency and promotion, it can really take off.

A.J. Wilcox

Agreed. So many companies live quarter to quarter. Few execs will make the call to invest in SEO or a long-term blog strategy, but it is highly necessary. Make the investment and devote the time.