Facebook Changes Search Engine Marketing with Graph Search

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The world of search engine marketing just got a lot cooler with Facebook’s launch of Graph Search. While Facebook is still in beta testing phase, Graph Search is already proving to be all sorts of exciting.

So, what is Graph Search?

To understand Graph Search, it’s important to review how any search engine works. Most search engines follow algorithms that sort through the same website content. That means regardless of who I am, where I am located, and what I like, if I type in “cool bands,” the search engine with return the same results to me as they would any other individual searching the same keyword.

Graph Search, on the other hand, sifts through loads of Facebook content that is personal to you and your friends. As a result, Graph Search returns different results to different individuals, depending on what interests you share with your circle of friends. With Graph Search, Facebook users are able to:

Ask questions to get specific results – You can ask any question and you will get results personalized to you. For example, feel free to ask questions like “Which of my friends like bowling?” or “What movies do my friends like?”

Connect to others based on interests – Say you like dancing and want to find other dancers to come to your dance party, just ask, “Which of my friends like dancing?” and wait for the results.

Search photos – Want to make a cool photo collage from a specific time, event, or of a particular friend? Simply type in the event, the date, or your friend’s name, and the search will return the photos you need.

Search products – Graph Search allows you to easily navigate which products and services your friends like to help you find the best options for you.

Facebook Graph Search, essentially, is a way to get results that are customized to you, your location and your friends. Click here to join the waiting list for your invitation to Graph Search.